Plant Root Growing Box
Plant Root Growing Box
Plant Root Growing Box
Plant Root Growing Box
Plant Root Growing Box
Plant Root Growing Box
Plant Root Growing Box

Plant Root Growing Box

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Fastest Way to Grow New Plants!

If you’re a pro gardener or just beginning, then you know growing more plants from an existing one can seem complicated but with the right tools, like this Plant Root Growing Box, it’s easier to get the job done. It features a high-quality plant root box that effectively propagates more new plants the quickest way through the air layering pod and root growth system

The plant root growing box is easy to use where you just simply take a healthy plant stem and make a small cut on the bark then fill the box with soil and enclose it to increase root growth. It’s eco-friendly and reusable and also has a flexible design that lets the bottom adjust to the diameter of the stem and it can be easily operated by one person through its deduction holes and automatic buckle. 


  • Takes root quickly - Designed to obtain more plants at a faster rate and at a shorter time. 
  • Easy to use - More convenient than starting with soil where you only need to cut through a hole on a plant stem and use the box with soil to grow roots quickly at once. 
  • Adjustable bottom - Easily adjusts to the diameter of the plant stem. 
  • Fast plant propagation - Encourages faster initial rooting and creates offshoots that bloom 2 times faster while enhancing plant resistance and preventing root rot.  
  • Convenient set up - Comes with 4 deduction holes and an automatic buckle for easy one person operation. 
  • Environment-friendly - Made with high quality PET that will not harm the environment and can be reused for more rounds of plant propagation. 


  • Material: High-quality PET
  • Color: Black
  • Size
    • Small: 5 cm diameter
    • Medium: 8 cm diameter
    • Large: 12 cm diameter
  • Option: 1pc / 3pcs / 6pcs

Products Include

  • 1 x Plant Root Growing Box